The Principal, DIET

MUNANJIPATTI, Tirunelveli-Dt 627 355

To provide academic and resource support to the Elementary, Adult & Non Formal Educational sectors for the continuous quality improvement.

Functions of the Institute:

DIET was established in the year 01.02.1990 as per GO No: 1828 (Edn.) Dated 30.12.1989. The quality and efficiency of education, to a large extent, depend upon the quality of teachers. Teachers are keys to optimum development of human resources. A systematic teacher education programme, both pre-service and in-service is essential for qualitative improvement in education. In view of this scenario it is essential to design effective teacher education programme to motivate and acquire various skills. There are seven branches in the DIET each performing their own work as designed by SCERT, the Head Organisation of this Institution.

QCI-Student Report: